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How to check the quality of plastic mould?

Author:Admin Source: Dedong Precision Mould Co.,Ltd. Date:2017-07-30 09:38:40 Visits:

The market will always welcome good quality plastic mold, high quality quantity, mold is always hung by customers. Then, Shenzhen plastic mold factory is how to detect the quality of their plastic mold? How do you test it? Do you need any equipment? Today, Shenzhen plastic mold factory to share with you, how to test the quality of plastic mold is good or bad.

We all know that the plastic mold is just a tool, we need the product, just like eating, we need a bowl of rice, but we don't need to eat a bowl of plastic mold, can make high quality products can be regarded as a set of mold, mold in addition to T0, T1 to TN, whether it is domestic plastic mold export or die, our usual test mode, through the sample to verify the judgment of the quality of mould. But the test model can not represent the mass production, or there are some potential problems, only after the production of the mold will be exposed. For these hidden problems, we can also verify the various aspects of the mold itself.

Many Shenzhen plastic mold factory mold manufacturing mold molding department without self awareness, test mode, cost tremendous effort forming a barely OK sample to the plastic mold department as mold close to OK, in addition to the actual mold and injection molding machine, mold temperature instability, floating effect on product quality many factors, so it is often argued, it can test mold, the production will appear a lot of problems. What are the plastic mold problems, or injection molding problems? Shenzhen plastic mold factory has always been to make a fool can debug the mold OK products as a criterion, therefore, we die to strive for perfection, every step must be rigorous, strict inspection, found the problem, acknowledging the problem, solve the problem and improve.

To verify the quality of plastic mold, from mold design to verify, such as some of the three mold positioning and its standard, that is, we often say that the mold side locks, thumb, and mould material, lubrication measures the sliding parts, protective measures and so on. The second from the mould manufacturing precision to verify, in addition to the so-called precision machining center, EDM, wire cutting machine, and manual assembly process, all parts of the mold with precision machining, usually through the three dimension detection, but by flying with the master fitter site requires a master fitter own control, such as slide and strip assembly clearance with inclined top and inclined top hole, with insert, master of fine hand can always fit into just perfect, can not only ensure the stability of product quality, can effectively prolong the service life of the die.

Of course, in addition to mold design and manufacturing department self inspection and verification, plastic mould in the injection process, by observing the open mold and ejecting action, but the key is the product of water samples, we can find the existence of many problems but did not die of exposure. Plastic mold can be large, small, small, but is a plastic product, big can become a large system, even a screw, are playing a huge role, are indispensable. To make high quality mold, only in every aspect from the mold design to mold manufacturing, injection molding to try to find problems, continuous mode solves the problem, the problem will be controlled to the minimum, maximum security to die.

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