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How can the plastic mold be maintained daily?

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Plastic mold has been more and more recognized, and a lot of life into use, in the process of use, often involving the day-to-day maintenance of the mold. Then, how to carry out regular maintenance of the mold in order to use the mold time? This article will use Dedong mold to share with you: how to perform routine maintenance of plastic mold

First of all should be equipped with a card for each pair of plastic molds, detailed records, statistics, the use of care (lubrication, cleaning, rust proof) and damage, which can discover what parts and components have been damaged, the wear degree of size, to provide information to discover and solve problems, materials used, and the molding process parameters plastic mold products, in order to shorten the test time, improve production efficiency.

Mold factory should be the normal operation in the injection molding machine, mold case, mold testing performance, and finally formed plastic parts size measurement, existing state information can be determined by these molds, damage to find out the cavity, core, cooling system and parting surface etc. the plastic parts in accordance with the information provided determine the damage state of the mould and the maintenance measures can be.

To the important parts of plastic mold are focused on tracking detection: ejection and guide member's role is to ensure that the plastic mold opening and closing movement and top out of plastic parts, if any part of an injury to get stuck, will lead to production, it should keep the mold lubrication thimble, guide pins (to choose the most suitable lubricant). And regularly check the thimble, guide pillars are deformed and surface damage, once discovered, should be promptly replaced; after the completion of a production cycle, to professional anti rust oil coated on the working surface of the die, the movement and a guide part. Particular attention should be paid to protect the elastic strength with gear and rack die bearing parts and spring die and to ensure that it is always in the best working condition; with the production duration, cooling channel deposition of scale, rust, mud and algae, the cooling channel section becomes smaller , the cooling channel narrows, greatly reduced between the cooling liquid and the mold heat exchange rate, increased production costs, so the channel cleaning should be paid attention to; for hot runner mold, heating and control system maintenance to prevent the production of failure, so it is particularly important. Therefore, after the end of each production cycle should die with heater, heater, heating rod and thermocouple probe with an ohmmeter measure, if damaged, should be replaced, and the plastic mold resume comparison, make a record, so as to take measures to deal with the problems.

The factory in the use of plastic mold surface maintenance to remind colleagues we should pay attention to the plastic mold, it directly affects the surface quality of the products, the key is to prevent corrosion, therefore, choose a suitable, high-quality, professional anti rust oil is particularly important. When the mold to complete the production task, we should adopt different methods according to different injection molding carefully remove residual, available copper, copper wire and professional mold cleaning agent for plastic mold injection molding and other residual sediments, and dry. Ban iron wire, steel bars and other solid objects clean, so as not to scratch the surface. If there is corrosion caused by injection molding, rust point, use grinding machine grinding, polishing, and sprayed with professional anti rust oil, and then put the mold in a dry, cool, dust-free storage.

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