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Dedong Precision Mould Co.,Ltd. is a Hong Kong owned enterprises, engaged in mold design and manufacturing has been more than twenty years, mainly the production of high precision plastic parts, including bathroom products, safety products, automotive parts, connectors, copiers, medical supplies, household appliances, audio, mobile phone, computer peripheral equipment such as injection mold. In the meantime, our company in the soft and hardware aspects of continuous improvement, training a group of experienced talents, and accumulated countless valuable experience.

At present, our customers all over the world, and provide customers with one-stop service from product design to mold manufacturing to finished injection molding. Our advanced equipment factory of our skilled engineers and technicians, can provide one-stop service for customers with cheap.

We hope to be your company's permanent partner!

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Shenzhen address:Shenzhen City, Baoan District Fuyong street a Cuigang District 13. Hongkong address:Hongkong Nathan Road in Mong Kok Kowloon No. 788-790 building 10 floor remay room B
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