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What are the plastic moulds that can be used on the car?

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The car body stamping is divided into covering parts, stamping parts and general frame. The stamping parts which can obviously indicate the characteristics of the automobile image are the automobile panels. There are many ways to classify plastic moulds. According to the different methods of forming plastic parts, they can be divided into the following categories:

Compression die: compression die, also called pressing die or press mould. The forming process of this mold is characterized by adding plastic raw material directly to the open mold cavity and then closing the mold. The plastic is filled with a cavity under the action of heat and pressure and filled with a certain pressure. At this point, the molecular structure of the plastic produced a chemical cross-linking reaction, gradually hardened shape. The compression dies are mostly used for thermosetting plastics, and their molded parts are mostly used in the shell and daily necessities of electric switches.

Extrusion die: extrusion die, also called extrusion head. The mold can continuously produce plastic of the same section shape, such as plastic pipes, bars, sheets and so on. The heating and pressing device of the extruder is the same as that of the injection machine. Molten plastic will form continuous plastic parts through the nose, and the production efficiency is particularly high.

Injection mold: injection mold, also known as injection mold. The forming process of this mold is characterized by placing plastic material in the heating barrel of the injection machine. The plastic is heated and melted, and is pushed into the mold cavity by the nozzle and the casting system of the injection mould under the drive of the screw or plunger of the injection machine, and the plastic is solidified and formed in the cavity of the mould by heat preservation, pressure maintaining and cooling. Because the heating and pressing device can perform the function in stages, the injection molding not only can form the plastic parts with complicated shapes, but also has high production efficiency and good quality. Therefore, injection molding occupies a large proportion in the molding of plastic parts, and the injection mold occupies more than half of the plastic molding die. Injection molding machine is mainly used in the molding of thermoplastics. In recent years, the injection molding machine is also used in the forming of thermosetting plastics.

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