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Plastic mold injection molding process

Author:Admin Source: Dedong Precision Mould Co.,Ltd. Date:2017-07-31 10:04:26 Visits:

General classification of mold: can be divided into plastic mold and non plastic mold:

(1) non plastic mold: casting mold, forging die, stamping die, die casting mold, etc..

A. casting mold - faucet, pig iron platform

B. forging die - car body

C. stamping die - computer panel

D. die casting - super alloy, cylinder body

(2) the plastic mould is divided into two parts according to the production process and the product:

A. injection molding - TV housings, keyboard buttons (most widely used)

B. blowing mould -- beverage bottle

C. compression molding, bakelite switch, science bowl dish

D. transfer molding die - integrated circuit products

E. extrusion molding - glue tubes, plastic bags

F. hot forming die transparent forming package shell

G. rotary molding -- soft toy doll

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